Courier Protocols during COVID19

Our Covid 19 Response

COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal

Restrictions on eCommerce have been lifted and we have implemented a work from home strategy for our design and web dev teams.

Only our logistics staff remain in operation at our warehouses, and every precaution has been taken to ensure their safety. Each packing station is equipped with hand sanitiser and surfaces and equipment are routinely wiped down.

Employees are encouraged to practise social distancing, and procedures have been put in place to keep physical contact down to a minimum when handling and packing orders for dispatch.

Courier Protocols

We use a third-party courier service to deliver your items. Our courier partners are required, by law, to implement strict sanitation, hygiene and social distancing protocols.

Because the safety of the courier and the customer is of the utmost importance, the courier may ask if he/she can sign on your behalf. 

Customer Protocols 

When receiving your order, please wear a face mask. Kindly maintain proper social distancing protocol. 

Remember to wash or sanitise your hands properly before taking receipt of the parcel. 

Please safely discard of packaging after receiving your parcel.

Remember to wash or sanitise your hands properly after taking receipt of the parcel. 

Govt Gazette for E-commerce 

For full details on the Govt Gazetted standard please see this document